At Situations, we have always believed in advertising that works in the marketplace and not just in the mindspace. That's why
we see ourselves as communication partners to organisations and institutions in a wide number of domains.


Safedi ka naya rang.

With Ujala, we were faced with one of the biggest advertising challenges: Bring about a tangible change in people's beliefs and perceptions with regard to fabric whiteners. Consumers until then used 'blue liquid' as a post-wash needed to brighten white clothes, while Ujala was a revolutionary whitener which was, well, violet in colour...

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Cello Thermoware

Many degrees superior.

Our association with Cello Thermoware began when Milton was the unrivaled market leader in the category. Product quality of international standards, aggressive product innovations coupled with clever but sincere marketing ideas helped Cello Thermoware get to the top, with many firsts including repositioning casseroles as 'Hot Pots'.

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Taste mein best Mummy aur Everest

We found the way to a mom's heart - through her children's taste-buds. So Everest owned the position of 'taste' building on the fine emotional bond between Mummy and her child, a strategy that proved precise for a country with such divergent tastes...

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Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala

Do-or-dye against hair fall.

By simply stoking the fear of 'hair fall' and providing a natural oil-based alternative, we helped Super Vasmol Kesh Kala challenge the dominance of hair dyes for grey coverage of hair. With the strong product promiseof natural black hair and sincere, no-frills communication, Super Vasmol33 changed the category from hair dyes to keshkala, leaving no grey areas.


Colour bhi, Care bhi.

Being a late entrant, it was challenging for Streax to get a foothold in a category filled with a number of established national and international brands. However Streax hair colour, riding on a platform of 'care', and addressing the biggest concern of 'hair fall', carved a position for itself in a rapidly growing market within a short span of time.

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Fair and Handsome

From 'Chhup Chhup Ke' to embracing men's fairness.

Who thought that men too cared for 'fairness' when it was the woman who was portrayed as the beneficiary in all communications. History bears testimony to how Fair and Handsome unearthed this latent need of men and empowered them to take fairness out of the closet which possibly gave birth to the most talked about brand of the last decade. It spawned a new category in its wake.

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London heritage.

When Wipro acquired Yardley, an age-old cosmetic brand of London, it had to tread a fine balance between its London heritage and the travelled, exposed and young Indian consumer. Yardley had to retain its London connect and also occupy a premium position dovetailed with a choice of fine floral fragrance. Katrina Kaif became the obvious choice for the brand ambassador who created the required desire and bridged this gap.

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Just what the doctor ordered.

Digene, the no. 1 brand of oral antacid recommended by doctors, needed a prescription to arrest the fall of its tablet and gel segment; two of its principal contributors in revenue. A refreshed packaging and a memorable communication not only helped boost its Tablet and Gel market shares but subsequently also helped in creating a platform for the successful launch of its powder variant-Digene Fizz.

Tata Steel

A community project.

Hostile conditions at ground level was proving to be a deterrent for Tata Steel to set up its factory at Odisha. The challenge was to reach out to all communities, living deep in the interiors about the values of the company and negate the damage being done by vested interests. A strategic CSR campaign helped create and communicate a lot of goodwill.

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Speciality Restaurants

Feel Special.

Helping create iconic brands like Mainland China, Oh! Calcutta, Sigree Global Grill, Speciality Restaurants Ltd. is a home grown, stand-alone Indian fine dining restaurant chain that went on to become the largest in the country, and one of the very few successful companies in this category.

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