From the backwaters of kerela to the front pages of kotler.
Cello Group Of Companies.
EVEREST - A S Narendrakumar & Company venture.
When everybody sells hair dyes, sell a 'care' dye instead.
Freedom to colour.
Emami Ltd.
Wipro Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd.
Abbott India Limited.
Trust us to build trust.
An unstoppable culinary crusade.
Cornering the market.
Going beyond the market trend.
Govt. of West Bengal - Department of Tourism.
Creating a new category.
Scent of success.
A commitment to quality.
Ruchi Realty Holdings Ltd..
Maja Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
The brand closest to more than a million Indians.
New horizons.
Govt. of Orissa.

From the backwaters of Kerala to the front pages of Kotler.

In 1989, Jyothy Laboratories Ltd. (JLL) was a Kerala-based regional player with a Rs.12 crore turnover. Its sole product was a fabric whitener called Ujala.

We were convinced Ujala could go national; it could take on the formidable near-monopoly enjoyed by the 'powder blue' leader, Robin.

Ujala was an effective whitener, but not a powder blue: it could carve out its own rival turf, defined as 'Safedi ka naya rang'. That particular rang, or colour, was Ujala's violet 'magic' liquid formulation.

TV commercials demonstrated its effectiveness, and especially the contrast with powder-blue's patchiness.

Print ads reinforced it, and a jingle conveyed its ease and economy of use: 'chaar boondon wala'.

Ujala now belongs in the select club of domestic brands which have almost totally defeated multi-national giants. The entire powder-blue category was made obsolete, and replaced by a new liquid-blue category: all on the strength of a single brand. Ujala today commands a market share of 70% with a turnover of around Rs.250 crore. The group's turnover today is over Rs. 750


Cello Group Of Companies

Why Cello thinks of us fondly, 2 million times a day.

Our relationship with Cello started in 1986.

By 1995, the House of Cello had successfully won the thermo ware crown from Milton, the former market leader.

The key differential was a 'hot-and-cold-in-one' proposition crafted by us.

After the success in thermo ware, Cello diversified into moulded furniture and in no time became the second largest player in the category.

Time to write a new chapter

Appropriately enough in pens, Cello Pens was aligned with 'excelling at school'. Its superiority was spelt out in terms of fine handwriting, speed and comfort. It was a clear brand position vis-à-vis customer needs, offered as 'The Joy of Writing'.

As consumers' trust grew to cover all corners of the country, Cello consolidated its position as "The Pen India Trusts". Matching the persona of Mahendra Singh Dhoni, stride for stride, Cello flagged off a new commercial campaign with the Indian cricket captain as its brand ambassador. Sure enough, the campaign scored a huge six with the consumers.

Cello is India's largest manufacturer, domestic brand and exporter of pens, with Cello Pens enjoying a turnover of around Rs. 380 Cr.

The group's turnover today is over Rs. 1000 Cr.

Everest Pure Spices

EVEREST - A S Narendrakumar & Company venture

From bulk commodity to brand.

In 2002, Everest's range of 'basic spices' (i.e. unblended) were not performing well. The entire category was dominated by 'loose' commodity sales; the challenge was to create a winning brand differential in a totally undifferentiated market.

The key lay in re-naming the various grades of chilli powder as Tikhalal, Kutilal and Kashmirilal. Brand names are based on product delivery; like Tikhalal has a proposition of "Sahi Tikha, Sahi Laal". A simple hook that gave the consumer a way to ask for something worth asking for.

The quality edge was symbolized by the 'Maharaj', the senior, respected and authoritative household chef. The perfectionist. Everest took a clear and unshakeable lead in the basic masala segment as a brand which was a commodity till a few years back. Other brands also followed suit.

Blending Mom into Super Mom

Following our success with their basic spices, Everest asked us to also manage their blended masala category.

We built our campaign around a fundamental truth: if it gratifies the child, it pleases the mother. We created the proposition of 'Taste mein best, Mummy aur Everest' creating an emotional bond between the brand and the family.

Brand hook: Co-owning taste with due respect to the "mother" as she is the ultimate authority.

In a market that is regionally fragmented, Everest commands national leadership with a 9.5% market share and a turnover of Rs. 550 Cr.

Vasmol Kesh Kala

When everybody sells hair dyes, sell a 'care' dye instead.

In 2000, HRI's Super Vasmol was a minor player in the liquid hair dye segment when we took on the challenge of strengthening the brand.

The strategy was not to position Super Vasmol as a dye but as Kesh Kala with 'hair tonic' benefits. Communication was built around the fear of 'hair fall', as an unwelcome side-effect of inferior chemical dyes. To reinforce credibility, we highlighted the presence of a special herbal formulation called 'Ayurprash'.

Vasmol, which has no harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide underscores the wisdom in staying natural. Natural black hair also continues to be considered beautiful as proven by Kajol who wears the natural look with élan. A position evolved from this USP, 'Stay Natural'. Kajol endorses this message to great effect in a new commercial campaign for Vasmol.

Super Vasmol 33 Kesh Kala is the market leader in liquid dyes, with around 93% market share and a turnover of Rs. 230 Cr., it is also the flagship brand among HRI's many category diversifications.


Freedom to colour

Exploiting the success of the flagship brand, HRI went on to launch other brands like Aamla Powder Hair Dye, Brahmol Hair Oil and Silkiss Shampoo.

In 2005, HRI extended its brand portfolio to include Hair Colour, entering a vast and rapidly-growing market which included formidable players like L'Oreal, Garnier and Godrej.

We named the brand 'Streax', and positioned it as a combination of colour and care for the hair ('Colour bhi, Care bhi'), addressing the popular concern that hair colour could damage hair. Malaika Arora Khan and Sonakshi Sinha have given the brand a glamourous image as Brand Ambassadors. The new Walnut Oil enriched formula strengthened brand loyalties further, even in the face of market flux.

Other Brands:

The other personal care brands in the HRI portfolio managed by us include:

Streax PRO, Streax Hair Serum, Vasmol Powder Hair Colour and Dye, Vasmol Yogiraaj Thanda Tel Streax has carved out a large and secure niche in this highly competitive market, with 7.4% market share by value and 12% by volume.

Emami Fair & Handsome

Emami Ltd.

Male grooming comes out of the dark ages

In 2005, Emami asked us to help launch a new fairness cream. They had settled on Naturally Fair as a brand name. We knew it would take more than another me-too product to make a dent in HUL's awesome Fair & Lovely market share. It would take more than smart advertising. There had to be a strong differential.

That differential lay in something our research had revealed: that 25% of fairness cream users were men. They were driven to buying a 'women's' product, very secretively, because there was nothing targeted at their gender.

Thus was born Fair and Handsome.

The male fairness-seeker could come out of the closet. Male vanity was now socially OK.

Fair and Handsome is the unshakeable and fast-growing market leader in the new category which it created, among several rivals which rapidly sprang up. The strategy has been hailed as one of the major marketing breakthroughs of 2005. Today Fair and Handsome is the market leader in the male fairness category with a turnover of 225 Cr.


Wipro Consumer Care Pvt. Ltd.

Luxury from London

Yardley of London is a quintessentially English product, founded in the 1770s. It has recently launched its line of boutique-inspired soaps in India, offering a two-century old legacy of luxury.

The usual challenges of a launch in a crowded category like soaps were overcome with a creative emphasis on the London legacy of Yardley. Katrina was a strategic choice as a brand ambassador for a luxury experience that goes back to London.

Yardley deodorants came in the limelight, straddling the same strategy. With "Luxury" being an integral part of Yardley, the deodorants symbolize sophistication, class and of course London.

The unique, English fragrance of lavender along with the international "purple-lavender" look and feel of the campaigns got them noticed everywhere.

Who does not remember,

"My Fragrance My Yardley" ?

It has made the communication razor sharp. Optimal use of below the line media has made the introduction of Yardley, effortless and natural. That makes a dream launch for a luxury brand. The brand has grown from 7.5 Cr. to 100 Cr. since our partnership with Yardley.


Abbott India Limited

Changing times, unchanging values

Situation's is proud to be signed on as the advertising agency by Abbott for one of its most famous brands, Digene. With more than a hundred years' legacy, Digene is India's largest selling1 and No.1 doctor-prescribed antacid2. We have already created the fresh new look (packaging) for Digene which has been re-launched with Quick Cooling Action in Gel, Powder and Tablet forms. We have also created marketing collaterals to convey the fresh new formats. Situations, which has a long, firsthand experience with FMCG, can help refresh the brand image of Digene from that of a prescribed drug to an OTC product, keeping its values intact.

1 Reference from IMS Jun 12 MAT

Tata Steel

Trust us to build trust

As is well-known, the Tata Group is building an iron and steel plant, hotel chain, software development centre and developing a port and an SEZ in Odisha. This is accompanied by community building and development, the hallmarks of Tata's presence anywhere.

We help project Tata's numerous CSR activities, capturing their essence with Making steel, Building communities, and embodying them in the Tata Steel Parivar.

Speciality Restaurants LTD.

An unstoppable culinary crusade.

Speciality Restaurant is the largest chain of Fine Dining restaurants in India with 107 restaurants and confectionaries, with a presence in 26 cities of India and Bangladesh. The unstoppable culinary crusade started in 1992 with "Only Fish", which was soon re-christened to "Oh! Calcutta".

We partnered with Speciality to be an integral part of the brand's 20 year old journey. Today, they are the only stand alone Fine Dining restaurant chain with Mass Media Advertising in television. Positioned as a brand that brings together rare cuisines and surprising flavours from far-flung provinces, Speciality soon started winning accolades everywhere their flavours travelled.

Our consistent brand building activity over the years led to the successful listing of the organization in a turbulent 2012.


Cornering the market

Once a strong distribution network was in place for Ujala, it was time to create new brands in new categories. To leverage that market outreach and consumer equity. We had an idea for such a brand. A mosquito repellant with a unique proposition. Our research revealed a psychological fear of mosquito bites if the coil was not placed in close proximity. That fear alone kept users awake.

We worked in tandem to name the brand and develop a communication strategy based on 'Corner-to-corner protection'. A functional differential with an emotional hook.

The Outcome

In just four years, Maxo grew to be the second largest brand in the 'mosquito coil' category, with 28% market share. Exo, launched in the southern markets succeeded in punching a severe dent to Vim's monopolized equity.

Today, a string of brand extensions rides on its popularity. While JLL is leveraging its stable of winning brands for ambitious corporate expansion.


Going beyond the market trend

Exo dish wash is yet another offering that drew wealth of JLL's R & D division. The product goes beyond cleansing to provide protection from germs. The conceptualization of the brand, (name, packaging, positioning) was developed by the agency. The unique proposition served as an instant clutter breaker.

GOvernment West Bengal

Govt. of West Bengal - Department of Tourism (Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs)

We are engaged in promoting West Bengal as a tourist destination, and also raising awareness of the State's developmental activities in various spheres.

We have produced the Beautiful Bengal campaign that highlights not only the expected, but also the unexpected sights and destinations of the state.

Stiff & Shine

Creating a new category

With Ujala, JLL had unshakeable authority in the post-wash fabric care market. The question was: what could we do with that leadership?

Thus we launched a fabric stiffener which was more than just a starch.

The product was branded 'Stiff & Shine'.

The 'stiff' took care of the starch expectations. The 'shine' was the extra. The product is now available in 3 refreshing variants, captured by the proposition 'Crisper Brighter Fresher clothes'. With the promise of bringing fabric back to life and health after the dulling effects of a detergent wash.

Ujalla Powder

Penetrating India's toughest FMCG category

The highest selling detergent powder in Kerala. The product has been revamped in 2012 with an objective of a pan India roll out.


Scent of success

Aramusk, a brand acquired by Wipro, is a personal care brand with products in the male grooming category like - deodorants, soaps and talc. The brand was re-launched by Wipro, nationally in October 2012. Shahid Kapoor being a successful youth icon is endorsing the brand. The initial response and off take has been quite encouraging.

Birala Cement

A commitment to quality

A recent addition to our basket of brands, Orient Cement Limited is a part of the prestigious CK Birla group – one of the foremost business houses in India with a presence across diverse businesses in 5 continents.

With 2 eminent cement brands dominating western India – Birla A1 Premium Cement and Orient Gold, we partner the organization to attain their mission of becoming one of the leading manufacturers of cement and other value added products in India.

Active Acres

Ruchi Realty Holdings Ltd.

Landmark concept

Ruchi is a Rs.20,000 crore group and its venture in real estate began with a landmark project in Kolkata. From christening the project around a unique USP to building up its exclusivity, it has been a towering example of the best form of print advertisement. Hoardings splashed across the city have made it a talk-of-the town project and kept bookings on, even through the market crash.

Ruchi Realty has made its mark in its debut project and has established new standards for the industry.


Maja Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

When a little bit of "safety" and "care" came a long way.

Vi-John shaving cream is the largest player in India with a market share of 30% against Gillette's 9% share.

Positioning : Safe shave - "Vi-John shave, ek dum safe"

Communication : It contains tea tree oil which fights germs and prevents it from entering your skin, thereby harping upon safe shave.

Shahrukh Khan is currently endorsing the brand.

Removes hair with care

Insight: Hair removal creams have chemicals which cause rashes hence leads to patches on skin.

Positioning: Safety -"Removes hair with care"

Communication: Bipasha Basu is the brand ambassador, which lends imagery to the semi-urban & urban markets for easier penetration.

The communication harps on the fear on safety, wherein it removes hair gently and leaves smooth and clear RTB of Aloe Vera. The brand is currently being endorsed by Bipasha Basu.


The brand closest to more than a million Indians

We handle the communication task of Macroman, Jon, Femmora, Footline, Softline, Imoogi and other national brands of undergarments and casuals under the Rupa umbrella. The work of garnering a market across varied price points is being continued with sub brands. Hrithik Roshan bearing the standard of Macroman in a national ad blitz has burnished the group's image in premium sector. A lifestyle statement has been aptly coined for the brand - "Live like a Macroman." Its huge success was a prelude for the line extension into men's premium sportswear, casual wear, lounge wear and thermal wear, and the launch of Macrowoman premium wear for women.

Our work is also visible in other Rupa brands like Euro, Frontline and Bumchums. National branding activities are being kept up to boost periodic innovations in material, design and quality.

Rupa has secured a major market share across various price brackets. Its line of products has also increased to cover more categories of men, women and children's inners, casuals and accessories.

Just Dial

New horizons

Just Dial, India's largest go-to search engine signed on Situations in 2013, the same year when Just Dial created headlines with its massive IPO. Just Dial started as a telephone based yellow pages service and has recently started an ambitious shift towards e-commerce. As more and more Indian consumers have 24/7 internet access, just being a search company is not enough. So, Just Dial is transforming itself into a platform where consumers can both search and transact at the same time. Situations, which is drawing up a complete communications strategy, has the challenging brief to broadcast the new Just Dial.

Government of Orrisa

Govt. of Orissa (Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs Tourism)

We are engaged in raising awareness of the State's developmental activities in various spheres and also promoting Orissa as a tourist destination.

Positioning Orissa as a Landful of Surprises encapsulates the totality of experiences and enjoyments that the state offers to its visitors.